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Roger |  THE FRAME JOB ( Feature Length Film )  |  Detroit, MI 


Story Development, Producer, Production Designer

2017 - current

Freelance Film & Commercial  |  Detroit, MI

Concept, Producer, Production Designer /  Art Direction

Set Dresser, Prop Maker, Casting

2014 - current

After Dark, DSO, Musicians, B.I. |  Detroit, MI

IN PROGRESS - Drawing & Painting Series

2018 - current

The Parade Company  |  Detroit, MI

Prop Shop. Staff Artist; Primary: Sculpting, Painting, Construction, Installation, etc.

2010 - 2015, 2018 - current

Roger ( Short Feature Film )  |  Detroit, MI

Producer, Production Designer


Kerbycove Wall Decals |  Detroit, MI

Owner & Artist | Artisan Wall Decals 

2013 - 2016

Mustang ( The Electric Six ) |  Detroit, MI

Background Vocals 


Tiny Ocean ( Short Feature Film )  |  Detroit, MI

Producer, Production Designer

2013 - 2014

SCOPE New York 2012  |  New York, NY

Booth Coordinator | Gallery Participant


Dorian Grey Gallery  |  437 E. 9th Street, New York, NY

Associate Director

2011 - 2013

She’s A Rebel  |  Brooklyn, NY

Staff Artist, Prop Maker for Stop Animation Film

Director: Daisy Edwards; Set dresser, Stage Design, Small scale prop work 


Valhalla Blues ( Short Feature Film )  |  Grosse Pointe, MI

Producer, Production Designer


Freight + Volume  |  530 W. 24th, New York, NY

Gallery Assistant


Frieze Art Fair 2011  |  New York, NY

Floor & Booth Assistant


Detroit Institute of Arts  |  Detroit, MI

Gallery Attendant 

2009 - 2010

Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit  |  Detroit, MI

PR & Exhibitions Intern


University of Michigan  |  Ann Arbor, MI

B.F.A. Stamps School of Art & Design

Concentration: Drawing & Painting

History of Art, Museum Studies & Practices



Study Abroad  |  Paris, France

Focus: French, Drawing & Painting, History of Haute Couture, History of Art, International Marketing & Business




A life in the arts is the life for me. - NKMFS

Be it a 17th century "momento mori" inspired oil painting that reflects a feature films storyline and themes, mold making and construction of a 3-story stone castle, to the smallest of props towards a stop animation film - if there's an opportunity to be creatively challenged - say no more - Natalie's in.


Though a student for life, she acquired a formal education in fine arts, the history of art and museum studies at the University of Michigan. She has experience in arts business, primarily during her times working at art galleries and fairs in Manhattan, as well as the great art institutions of Detroit. 


There's this great Alice Neel quote I've been carrying around: “Whether I'm painting or not, I have this overweening interest in humanity. Even if I'm not working, I'm still analyzing people.” - NKMFS


Natalie was raised in the arts in a family of the arts who shared their passion of music, the classical arts, dance and theater of stage and screen with her. Her mother (a formally trained dancer) ran a large ballet company for over 25 years. It's no wonder she found herself attracted to this similar environment of creative chaos, world building and characters, settling into a life of filmmaking and commercial work with her husband and collaborator, Director Peter Skorupskas. Several years into the journey, they're venturing into their first feature film set to be in production late 2018.

Breaking down compositions and meaning towards creating worlds or understanding others is such an intoxicating process. Musing on art and film theory, philosophy, the rich symbolism, the authenticity and fantastic nature of characters - it's all so engrossing. I enjoy being behind the curtain creating these universe for others to play in. The research, paying close intimate attention to detail, with an overall thoughtfulness when approaching any project - it's all so key to building with intention. I look forward to creating more dynamic and layered worlds as the opportunities arise. This environment just clicks with me - deadline driven and fast-paced zones me right in - I thrive in it, with radar focus. Organized chaos is a great time. - NKMFS

As a staff artist throughout the past 10 years at the Parade Company prop shop in Detroit, she brings this experience of tool & material, process and production to forthcoming projects. Natalie continues to develop her own practice as a fine artist, most recently developing a new series of large-scale graphite drawings. Her work reflects an adoration and study of early-mid 20th century art movements. 


I love working with graphite - classic and under rated - the limitation of the medium keep me engaged as I seek new ways to experiment and press the boundaries in my drawing and painting practice.


Through the various creative forces, there's this great innate understanding and language that is shared for us all to critique, experience, hate, love and overall connect with - life, the time in which we inhabit and meaning, in what we create, reflected. The proof lies in our collective history of art, of today and all our tomorrows. This notion refreshes my passion for the arts and reaffirms its importance. - NKMFS



University of Michigan, Monster Show 2010 - Detroit, MI

6, Rue De Braque, CEA - Sorbonne University 2008 - Paris, France

Future Former Show 2018 - Ann Arbor, Michigan 

Scholastics Portfolio Award State of Michigan 2005

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